Support Letter from Member of European Parliament

Brussels, December 6, 2001

Dear Falun Gong friends,

I am sorry not to be with you today but I am happy to see that also in Vienna, in Austria, the fight is going on. As I have already told you in other occasions, dear members of the Falun Gong Movement, I am happy to see that, step by step, your fight is becoming more and more a fight not only for the respect of the rights of thought and belief of the Falun Gong practitioners in China but also a fight for the respect of all fundamental rights of all people living in the People's Republic of China and in the territories occupied by the RPC, notably Tibet, East Turkestan and Southern Mongolia.
I very much hope that your movement and my party, the Transnational Radical Party, will not only continue their good cooperation but even reinforce it. I am confident that together with all those people who believe that democracy has no border, that there is no "Asian way", nor "American way", nor "African way", nor "European way" to democracy, that, in other words, democracy is universal, we will reach our goal: the real implementation of democracy and rule of law in China.

With my best wishes,

Olivier Dupuis
Secretary General of the Transnational Radical Party
Member of the European Parliament


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