Notes from a Canadian’s Journey of Truth in Europe: Feeling Warm on a Freezing Cold Day

One evening in Vienna, Austria an information night was held in a room in a pub. Videos and commentaries informed all about the truth about Falun Dafa. Posters of the persecution and other pictures of Falun Dafa peacefulness lined the walls. One man was so interested after watching all the videos and a demonstration of the exercises that he insisted on learning the 4 standing exercises. He had done karate and found this energy most powerful.

This mornings' exercises at the little park in the centre of all the office building walls went ahead even though the temperature was 15 below zero. The air seemed frozen within itself as it was propelled by the saucy wind. I wore the bright yellow t-shirt [over my other clothes] so it was vibrantly clear this was Falun Gong. We were 4 standing in a circle. We began exercise 2. I felt an incredible energy racing around the wheel within my arms. My fingers felt as if they had exploded with energy. Suddenly I felt too hot. I tried raising my thoughts to righteous thoughts.

Canadian practitioner
December 13 2001

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