Presenting Dafa's Benevolence to Peace-loving People During the Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony

By Sweden Practitioners

This year's Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony was held in Oslo, the capital of Norway on December 10. It was also the United Nations International Human Rights Day. Since December 10, 2001 also marked the 100th anniversary of Nobel Prize, the ceremony attracted lots of attention this year.

Some Swedish practitioners together with Norwegian practitioners came to Oslo to present Dafa's benevolence to peace-loving people and disclose the brutal persecution and killing of Falun Dafa practitioners in China.

With compassionate hearts, practitioners held three-days of activities. The police had the understanding that practitioners are peaceful and compassionate so they issued a permit that allowed us to use the Music Pavilion, which was the ideal place to hold this activity. The Music Pavilion is visited frequently by tourists and it is close to the Royal Palace, the Parliament, Oslo University, The National Theatre and the location where the peace prize ceremony was going to be held.

Practitioners' demonstration attracted many people. They stopped to sign the appeal letter to show their support of human rights. From their facial expressions we could see their sympathy, admiration and respect for Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance, as well as their disgust with Jiang's authoritarian regime.


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