Death of Hebei Province Dafa Practitioner Mr. Ma Changbin in 2001 and Arrest of His Wife

Mr. Ma Changbin, 57 years old, was a retired worker who lived in Tangshan City, Hebei Province. He was illegally incarcerated in October 2000, and was released in February 2001. During the incarceration he was physically tortured and mentally tormented. He died in May 2001.

Before practising Falun Dafa, Ma Changbin was ill with serious liver and stomach disease. He had to begin living on a pension when he was only 28 years old. The family finances were scarce. After he practised Falun Dafa, all his illnesses had gone and he became healthy and energetic.

In late October 2000, his work unit's retiree management section sent him to a police station for an unlawful inquest. Policeman Li Heping from the Mine Police Division violently slapped him on the face twice, making his mouth bleed. The chief of the police station also slapped his face twice, and later detained him in the Mine Police Team. He was not released until February 2001. Because of physical torture and mental torment, he fell ill. Medical intervention failed to cure him. He died in mid May.

In May 2004, people from the "610 Office" arrested Ma Changbin's wife Xu Ruilan from home and sent her to the Kaiping Forced Labour Camp without following any legal proceedings.

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