French Mayor’s Letter of Support

The French Falun Gong Association received the following letter of support:

November 5th, 2001

Falun Gong Association

Dear Sir/ Madam:

The Mayor (A member of French parliament–translator) notes that 5 people have participated in the humane activity of an SOS walk around the world and has asked me to convey his encouragement to them.

As you know, the Municipality of Grenoble has always been in favour of human rights and tolerance among people.

At the same time, the Mayor well understands the importance of the walk around the world, and your desire to make the public and the governments concerned about the gravity of the repression of Falun Gong, a kind of Buddha School Qigong, in China.

Madam, Sir, please accept my best greetings.

Olivier Noblecourt

Translated on 7th December, 2001 from

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