Accusing Harbin City Prison Police Personnel to the Supreme Procuratorate

Accusation Letter

The Supreme Procuratorate of the People's Republic of China

The Supreme Procuratorate of Heilongjiang Province

We are Falun Dafa practitioners that were illegally held Harbin City Prison. We hereby accuse the unlawful criminal actions of the Harbin City Prison personnel.

During the time that we were in Harbin Prison, the law-enforcement personnel in the prison carried out the so-called "forced education" to achieve their hypocritical political goals. They implemented extreme inhumane persecution and ill-treatment to Falun Dafa practitioners in the prison, which resulted in the death of two practitioners. (Wang Weihua in No. 2 Ward died on June 9, 2003; Wang Dayuan in No. 2 Ward died on April 5, 2004.) Several dozens of other people suffered brutality and torture of different degrees. Those who suffered heavily became handicapped due to the untreatable outcome of the persecution.

The hatchet men-like behaviour of some police personnel and their assistants have brought huge physical and mental trauma to the Dafa practitioners and their families. Those personnel have also severely violated the Chinese Constitution, the Prison Law as well as the Human Rights Declaration and the Convention for Politics, Economics and Culture that our country has signed with the United Nations. As victims, we hope that the Procuratorate will thoroughly investigate these incidences and bring the criminals to justice.


Thirty Dafa disciples now transferred and imprisoned in Daqing City Prison

Wang Shusen, Xia Yong, Bu Fanwei, Zhang Zidong, Cheng Yu, Zou Guoyan, Deng Qingshan, Zhang Yuliang, Yang Yizhong, Qiu Xuezhi, Zhang Xiufeng, Liu Guifu, Li Zhanbin, Cheng Peiming, Sun Tienong, Gong Haiou, Wu Chunwen, Wang Yudong, Sun Renhui, Zhang Jian, Sun Dianbin, Li Chengyi, Wang Mi, Li Huifeng, Chen Chunlin, Yuan Qingjiang, Chen Fukui, Zhao Qingshan, Liu Jingfeng, Li Chao

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