Hungary: Exposing Five Years of Persecution in China

Last week, Hungarian, German, Ukrainian and Australian Falun Gong practitioners held activities in Hungary’s capital city, Budapest. The activities included a peaceful appeal and press conference at the Chinese Embassy, promoting Falun Gong, and visiting various media outlets, Embassies and Members of Parliament.

On the day before they held a press conference, practitioners visited media outlets, told the staff about Falun Gong and gave them information packages, including invitations to the press conference. Many people were moved when they heard how far the practitioners had travelled to let them know the facts.

The press conference was covered by a television station and Hungarian media agency. A spokesperson from the Hungarian Falun Gong Information Centre commented that, “In the last five years one thousand practitioners have been tortured to death" and further added that the “Chinese Government has never given a reasonable explanation for the persecution”. The Director of Amnesty International in Hungary strongly urged that the "Chinese Government account for its mistakes”.

Many passers-by took materials, some stopped and spoke to practitioners. One woman was surprised when she saw how scared the Chinese Embassy is. A tall heavy-duty steel fence has been erected around the whole Embassy complex. One passing cyclist saw practitioners sending forth righteous thoughts and shouted “Falun Dafa is good! Can anybody hear me? Stop the Persecution!”. He also said that it’s important for practitioners to be at the Embassy and encouraged them to appeal all the time.

Promoting Falun Gong took place at a train station and the area around Margaret Island to let more locals know about Falun Dafa and the persecution in China.

Hungarian media orgaisations came to interview practitioners

Appealing at the Chinese Embassy

Appealing at the Chinese Embassy Appealing at the Chinese Embassy

Appealing at the Chinese Embassy

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