Sweden: Anti-Torture Exhibition Shocked People, Making them Sad and Angry

On the morning of July 19th 2004, practitioners from Denmark and Sweden came to Selgelstorg Square in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, displaying to Swedish people and tourists Falun Gong practitioners’ compassion and tolerance despite the illegal persecution, as well as exposing the persecution of people who believe in ‘Truthfulness Compassion Tolerance’, instigated by the government led by Jiang Zemin on 20th July 1999.

There were five aspects of the activity: Practice demonstrations, commentary and singing songs, urging to stop the persecution, mock torture exhibition, the journey of Falun Gong, photo exhibition and collecting signatures for petitions. The peaceful practice and brutal torture formed a strong contrast, which made people come to find out what was happening.

Swedish people, who have been free from wars and torture for many years, have never seen such scenes before, they cannot imagine such a brutal persecution of good people who cultivate ‘Truthfulness Compassion Tolerance’. Facing violence and torture, Falun Gong managed to resist the persecution peacefully, which made the people there very moved. Some of the passersby watched the exhibition for a long time, some even cried, some indignantly condemned the five year persecution by the Chinese government, some approached Falun Gong practitioners to ask if they could provide any help, and some even felt disappointed for Falun Gong practitioners’ not accepting donations from them.

When the practitioners told them that what they need is to tell the truth to more people, and to urge governments in the world to condemn the persecution and support Falun Gong practitioners’ human rights, people there went to the practitioners’ table to queue and sign their names to the petition showing their support for Falun Gong practitioners, condemning the persecution, and appealing to the Swedish government.

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