Interview with Jane Dai: "Considering of the Children's Future"

On the day of the 2004 Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in Vienna, I met Ms Jane Dai and her four year old daughter Fadu. Three years ago her husband in China was persecuted to death by Jiang’s regime simply because he persisted in practising Falun Gong and refused to give up his belief in Truthfulness Compassion and Forbearance. From March 2002, Jane and her daughter have travelled to thirty-seven countries around the world to tell people the facts of the persecution experienced by her husband and tens of thousands Falun Gong practitioners, and to appeal for kind-hearted people’s help to end this persecution. They have received massive support and keen interest from many people, especially from politicians and the news media wherever they have visited. They have stayed in Europe the longest, and the European countries are the ones they have visited the most. I interviewed her about her experiences in Europe:

Q: Can you tell me how you let people know the facts together with your fellow practitioners in Europe?

A: It depends; we use different approaches in different countries. Some approaches are quite effective. For example, recently I was invited to take part in seminars on “Human Rights in China” , held in the parliaments of the four Nordic countries. In a seminar at the Swedish parliament, representatives from six parties attended. During the seminar, human rights experts, lawyers, and Falun Gong practitioners analysed the current situation of the human rights issues in China from different angles, everybody was free to ask questions and air their opinions. When I finished my speech on the persecution of Falun Gong in China, I also got the opportunity to answer questions such as, “Why does Falun Gong encounter this suppression?” I answered that the reason that Jiang suppresses Falun Gong is that the principle of Truthfulness Compassion and Forbearance is different from the aims of his governing power. Falun Gong wins more and more people’s hearts; therefore the former president of China has suppressed Falun Gong due to his envy. I found the effect of clarifying the facts was pretty good when properly answering such kind of questions. Moreover, there are many parliament members and reporters attending the seminar, they will have a deeper understanding about the persecution of Falun Gong in China after they have whole picture about human rights violations in China.

Q: You participated in suing Jiang Zemin in several countries; please tell us your feelings.

A: While Jiang visited Germany and another five countries in Eastern Europe, I participated in all protest activities, and also experienced the evil way Jiang extends the persecution overseas. My husband’s death and the persecution of tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners is the result of Jiang’s suppression. It is significant to sue Jiang overseas. I, as one of the plaintiffs, took part in the lawsuit against Jiang in Germany, Belgium, and Spain. What impressed me deeply in Belgium was that so many of the media attended our press conference, and also reported on us very positively. I felt the power of justice.

Q: From last year you have visited some Eastern European countries. Please talk about your experience there.

A: Dafa practitioners in Eastern Europe are really remarkable. They are short of manpower and face many difficulties. One practitioner has to do many things, but they have done very well. There have been many positive reports on Falun Gong in countries such as the Czech Republic and Poland, both of which I visited; I was also interviewed by TV stations. When I was in Bulgaria, several local practitioners had not slept for several days, preparing the necessary documents to send to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Afterwards I made an appointment with a Special Commissioner on human rights in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the effect of clarifying the truth face-to-face was extremely good. In March this year, Hungarian practitioners led me to the Presidential Office of Hungary; we had the opportunity to tell them the facts about Falun Gong. When I learned that Hungary voted against China’s “No-motion” in the United Nations meeting this year, I was so happy; I thought this was related to Hungarian practitioners’ diligent efforts of clarifying the facts.

Q:You bring your daughter with you and must overcome many difficulties. The path of your cultivation cannot be tribulation-free. Tell us, how do you improve your cultivation and xinxing [heart/mind nature]?

A: My daughter is very young; she always travels with me, it is not easy for us. However, many practitioners have given us massive help including with my daughter’s education, which has allowed me to overcome many difficulties.

Q: I heard that you and little Fadu told stories at a primary school in Sweden, and several hundred children learned about Falun Gong. Is it true?

A: Yes, it is. With the help of Swedish practitioners, we had the opportunity to hold seminars in a primary school. I told Fadu's story to the children and their teachers. She lost her father when she was very young because her father practised Falun Gong. I talked about what Falun Gong is. We showed photos of Fadu’s everyday life. We taught the children to fold lotus flowers, played the Lotus Song, and little Fadu performed lotus dancing. The children were drawn very deeply to us and teachers could not imagine how we could still bring goodness to others after experiencing such a horrible tribulation. I told them that this is from Falun Dafa’s principles of Truthfulness Compassion and Forbearance and that we hope they also get benefits from Dafa. During that period of time, everybody in the school was talking about Falun Gong. Children hung their own-made lotus flowers in their classrooms as decorations. I felt this was a very significant thing to do. I hope we can go to more schools to let more school children know about Falun Gong. As it says in the Lotus Song, we should consider the children’s future … …

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