Russian Practitioners are Making Great Progress

Recently my husband and I went to Moscow to join the Russian practitioners to study and discuss together. The practitioners gathered together this time were from all over Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, USA, Taiwan and Sweden.

This is the third time we had made a visit to Russia and I must say that the Russian practitioners are making great progress with their understanding of Dafa. As much as we can understand, their situation is not easy. The propaganda coming from China has very much influenced the Russian people and yet the Russian practitioners uphold their righteous thoughts and overcome many obstacles in clarifying the truth to the Russian people.

The first time we came in contact with the Russian practitioners was 1½ years ago in St. Petersburg. By then we had been to many Falun Dafa conferences and activities all over the world and met many different practitioners from other countries. And many of the activities were very similar in their characteristics. Of course we are very comfortable in all those situations and it is familiar feeling being with other practitioners. But somehow the experience we had with the Russian practitioners were so different from any other.
What we reacted mostly to is the kindness and generosity of the Russian practitioners. We could not communicate very well because of the language barrier but still their pure heart touched us very deeply. The conference hall wasn’t at all like those in America or in Europe. It was very, very simple but the richness of their generosity and welcome was more then what we had experienced before.

The purity of the Russian practitioners is very special in the modern society today and even among practitioners they still stand out.

Since their second conference in September this year the Russian practitioners’ level of understanding has greatly improved and when we listen to their experience of how they clarify the truth we can see that we have much to learn. We would like to say to the Russian practitioners “ well done and keep it up and thank you”.

Two Swedish Practitioners.

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