PROPAGANDA: TV Station Films Fake Programme in the Detention Centre

[Changtu City, Liaoning Province]

I am a practitioner. I went to Beijing to appeal peacefully for Falun Dafa in January 2000 when the evil forces started to defame Dafa and Teacher Li. I was arrested and sent back. In the detention centre, the following incident took place:

One day, I was detained in the front yard. The second day, they sent in over ten practitioners and three prostitutes who were arrested from a hotel. Changtu City TV station came to film a programme about Falun Gong practitioners. The guards had us sit in four lines and also put these three prostitutes in our lines. The TV producer gave the police guard a newspaper and asked him to read it. The guard asked, "What shall I read?" The producer said, "You just read anything bad about Falun Gong." The guard replied, "But they didn't do anything wrong." The guard's face turned red because he was embarrassed and was unwilling to lie. The producers said, "Ok, forget it. Just move your lips and you don't need to say a word. I will find someone to dub over it later."

When I heard this, I stood up and said, "You are producing a fake programme!" One prison warden immediately dragged me out of the room and accused me of shouting slogans. I clarified the truth to him. He replied, "You don't need to tell me that, I know everything." Later, I heard that his wife was practising Falun Gong. They then moved me to the back yard. Of course, the fake video programme about Falun Gong was successfully staged and filmed.

The policemen detained these prostitutes alongside us. They complained, "Almost none of the policemen are good. They first called us to serve them. When it was done, they arrested us and beat us severely." We helped them, clarified the truth and promoted Falun Dafa to them. We told them the true reason for living a life. Before, they had believed the TV propaganda, now they no longer believe the lies. They were deeply moved and understood how to be good human beings. They promised us that they would not do bad things after they got out and even said they would practise Falun Gong after being released. Later, they paid a lot of money to the police and were released. When they were leaving, they begged the guards to release the practitioners and said that the practitioners were all good people.


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