Russia: Moscow Residents Learn About Falun Dafa During a Celebration Hosted by the United Nations Refugee Council

June the 20th 2004 was World Refugee Day. The office of the United Nations Refugee Council in Moscow organised an outdoor celebration activity in the city’s Youth Palace. As soon as Falun Gong practitioners in Moscow heard the news, they immediately contacted the organiser of the activity. They were too late however, and the organiser could not fit the exercise demonstration and other performances by Falun Gong into the schedule. After explaining a little about Falun Gong, it was agreed that practitioners could come and distribute leaflets.

On the 20th, Falun Gong practitioners brought all kinds of information materials with them and got to the activity area early. Unexpectedly they received great support from the staff, who not only arranged the exhibition stand but also found chairs and a table for practitioners to display the leaflets and flyers. Practitioners introduced Falun Dafa, exposed the ongoing brutal persecution of Falun Gong in China, and continuously demonstrated the five Falun Gong exercises on the grass beside the stand.

Many people came to learn the truth about Falun Gong. The organiser of the programme said happily to practitioners, “It is such a wonderful cultivation way; I must learn it. Could you give me more materials so that I can share them with my friends and we can learn together.” Many other people made the same request and said they wanted to learn the exercises together with their family and friends. They asked many interesting questions and wanted to find out the location of their local practice sites.

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