AFTONBLADET (Swedish Newspaper): Falun Gong adherents claimed to be killed in China

November 28, 2001


Seven adherents of the Falun Gong movement have died in a Chinese prison, reports the Falun Gong Information Center in the USA. They came from different provinces in China. They died due to being confined to excessive hard labour, torture, and abuse, according to the report that was released on Tuesday.

One man died after police pushed him down four flights of stairs.

Chinese police who were contacted on Wednesday did not want to comment on the report.


Last week a group of foreign Falun Gong adherents, amongst them eight Swedes, demonstrated against the persecution of the movement's adherents in China.

They told of being assaulted in the police cars when they were taken away. But they were released and deported the day after.

The centre in New York reports that Liao Qinying, a female country worker from the province Liaoning, died in a police car an hour after being taken away from her home. Four men who came to her house on October 8 took 33 year old Liao away. They came from the police station and ordered her to go with them. After several hours her husband was notified by the police that his wife had died in the car just a short while after she was arrested.

About 500 inhabitants from Liao's village, near the town of Wuijin, gathered to demand how Liao had died. The police, according to the report, dismissed them.


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