Germany: Falun Dafa Practitioners Righteously Display the Falun Emblem

By German Falun Dafa practitioners

Thursday, 8th November 2001

Because of historical reasons Germany is very sensitive to any symbols that may be similar to the Hackkreutz (Nazi symbol). One simply cannot display such symbols in public.

On the morning of 5th September, practitioners in Munich held SOS activities for two and a half days continuously. The next morning a press conference by the International Human Rights Organisation was also held. The purpose of the activity was to expose the evil acts of the Jiang Zemin regime to the world, and to support the 130 fellow practitioners on hunger strike at Masanjia Labour Camp in China.

In order to display the Falun emblem in public, practitioners have been making a lot of effort. This time finally the government informed us that we had permission to display the emblem in public! We were also asked by the government to add explanation to the emblem.

Falun Dafa Practitioners' Actions are Moving People All Over the World

The Karlplatz [Karl Square] is the busiest area in the city of Munich. Many residents
pass the area when shopping. It is also visited by hundreds of foreign tourists. We thought it was a really good place to clarify the truth to people. Practitioners from the nearby city of Regensburg also came to support. Everyone was trying his/her best. Some brought equipment and some brought food and drink. Those who had to work during the day came straight after work in the evening and stayed all night.

That night it was chilly and raining hard. The scene of many practitioners practising the movements in the heavy rain made a lot of people stop and watch. When we finished the practice, we realised that someone had put a rose in front of the pictures of the dead practitioners. Some people asked us with tears in their eyes, "These people look so peaceful and harmless.

Why would the Chinese government persecute them so cruelly? This is so unfair!"
A middle-aged man told us that he was a dean in a church. He had seen us when we were in Berlin. He was deeply touched by the great compassion and tolerance of the practitioners. In order to know more about Falun Gong, he managed to obtain a copy of Zhuan Falun. He then started to read it and found it very good. He would continue reading it. Before he left he asked us for some Falun Dafa materials. He said he would give this information to other people in the church and let them know about Falun Gong.

Press Conference Held for Falun Gong

The press conference was organised by the International Society for Human Rights, Munich branch. The person responsible was Mr Thierack who felt deeply sympathetic towards the Falun Gong practitioners and volunteered to hold the press conference. He put in a lot of effort into the organisation and printing of materials, as well as offering some really good suggestions.
During the press conference, practitioners introduced the journalists to what Falun Gong really is. They also revealed the truth of the brutal persecution. The journalists from the Christian union were very interested. Although they previously said that they could only spend a short while with us, they stayed for a long time and asked many questions.

7th November 2001

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