Observateur du Cambresis (French newspaper): SOS walk to Condemn the Persecution

Monday 29th October 2001

by Stephanie Rifflart

They arrived in Paris from Iceland and started their four day walk through Clamart-Paris-Brussels. There are four of them, walking across the globe to reveal the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese government. On 9th October they reached the city of Cambrai and displayed their banners.

Falun Gong is also called Falun Dafa, and is an ancient cultivation …. It used to be passed from Master to disciple. In 1992 it was made public in China and over 100,000 people around the world were practising it after a few years. In Chinese traditions the mind and body cannot be separated. Therefore all ancient cultivation methods aim at cultivation for both the body and the mind. The Falun Gong exercises emphasize the cultivation of one's Xinxing [mind/heart nature- editor] and to behave according to the principle of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. The movements themselves are slow and gentle and can improve one's health significantly. Practitioners can feel the rapid growth of energy.

According to Ms Hong Wang Falun Gong offers voluntary teaching. There are no registrations, nor religious ceremonies. The principles of the exercise actually forbid the assistants to accept money or gifts from students.

On 22nd July 1999, the Chinese leaders felt the increasing number of the Falun Gong practitioners a threat to their power and they therefore crackdown on the exercise and started persecuting its members. At the moment there are over 100 million practitioners around the world. Such a number significantly exceeds the number of the communist party members. The results of the brutal persecution are: over 50,000 are imprisoned illegally, thousands are sent to labour camps and reformation centres and hundreds of thousands are forced to give up their jobs. Many of the imprisoned and detained suffer severely in police custody. About 800 to 1000 have been injected damaging doses [of drugs] in mental hospitals. Millions lost their homes when being illegally searched …by the police. Up to September 2001, there have been 286 people killed in police custody.

Dayong, a SOS walk campaigner from USA ..."The Chinese government has been using Nazi methods to persecute the Falun Gong practitioners. Such actions are pure state terrorism. If we keep quiet it is equivalent to encouraging murders."

Qiqi [....] "As a doctor I cannot condone the Chinese government sending innocent and healthy people to mental hospitals." She also showed some vivid pictures of the persecuted Falun Gong practitioners. She pointed out that Wang Lijxuan, a young woman in her thirties who practised Falun Gong, was tortured to death together with her 8 month old son.

They wish to reveal the truth to people around the world via their SOS walk. They would like to appeal to every kind-hearted person and spread the most urgent message: "Rescue the lives of the Falun Gong practitioners persecuted in China."


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