When Buddhas Smile…

A boat in the river, filled with stock market shares, computers, prescription
pills, cell phones and sick people;
At the shore a Buddha, in human form, full of virtue, smiling
Those in the boat too busy; put down the cell phone; stock market shares fall; medicine no longer works; too busy
Again the smiling glance of the Buddha, there for them; but they don’t have time
Down the river but where?
Where is Buddha, where is his smile?
Seems tree tops are close ahead; fixed gaze
Then recognition – tree tops far away, waterfall up ahead, return impossible
Who is interested any longer in stock market shares, computers, prescription pills in this plunge downward
Up top the Buddha, shedding a tear, mixing with the falling water, again unnoticed.

Peter Recknagel
German Practitioner

November 15, 2001

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