The Brainwashing Class of Hanchuan City Party School

Hubei Province

Written by a practitioner from Mainland China

In the brainwashing class of Hanchuan City Party School, the helping and teaching officers have applied different means to force Falun Dafa practitioners to give up cultivation. First, they asked practitioners to write so-called recognition letters in a way like adults coaxing babies. But all the practitioners wrote only their pure insights and righteous beliefs. A couple of days later, the officers started to yell. Once they had seen the practitioners' determination, they began to punish the practitioners by making them run. Then they did not allow them to eat, and handcuffed them outdoors for the night "to feed the mosquitoes." Seeing that all their brutality did not affect the practitioners, they viciously cheated and threatened the practitioners' families, forcing them to beat the practitioners badly. One practitioner's husband is the owner of a Mamu [a kind of transportation vehicle, much smaller than taxi, similar to motorcycle] shop and her son owns a repair shop. In order to attain their goals, the officers went to her home many times to coerce them into beating this practitioner. Her husband said to her, "How can I be willing to beat you? They disturb me every day, detain my Mamu and fine me. How can I have money to be fined?" Her son said, "They prevent me from opening the door of my repair shop and don't allow me to work. How can I be willing to beat my mom?"

At last the steadfast practitioners were sent to No. 2 custodial centre, where officer Ma Huofa wouldn't allow practitioners to see their families. The family has to pay "living expenses" in order to see a practitioner. Some practitioners' families are very poor and have no money to give. Some families gave them money, thereby submitting to humiliation. When the families saw the practitioners, officers Ma Huofa, the director Li Jiangao and Zeng Fanjin always cursed them and ordered them to beat the practitioners. The officers also beat the practitioners and forcefully apply injections to the practitioners who are on hunger strike.


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