The Truth Touches Both Chinese Tourists and the French People in France

On 1st November, invited by the League of Human Rights, some dozen Falun Gong practitioners went to Lyon to appeal to the Chinese leader to re-establish justice and restore the reputation of Falun Gong. Another aim of this journey was to reveal the repression and clarify the truth about Falun Gong amongst the government, media and local people.

The practitioners left by coach very early in the morning. It was the second time that this particular driver had driven us to places for Falun Gong activities. At the beginning of our encounter, our relationship was rather polite and distant when the practitioners informed him about Falun Gong.
He declared himself to be an atheist in order to say that he was not interested. But, as time went on, the kind and harmonious behaviour and words of the practitioners touched him greatly, he said, “I feel good with you and it is with pleasure to drive you.” He let the practitioners stick the “SOS Rescue the Falun Gong practitioners in China”on the windows of the coach and he said, “I want people to know why we are here.” During the whole way, he took the trouble to find restaurants for the practitioners and to unload the Falun Gong information materials. In one restaurant, he took the Falun Gong materials into the kitchen to give them to the restaurant staff. He explained to them why the Falun Gong practitioners had come to Lyon and that it was to reveal the persecution carried out by Jiang Zemin.

During the break on the journey to Lyon, we met a coach of Chinese tourists from mainland China. Many practitioners went over to talk to them and give them the “Return Journey ” booklet. In a few minutes, nearly every tourist had a booklet in their hand. They were open to speaking to the practitioners. Later on, we came to know that many of them had read the truth clarifying literature given to them by practitioners in Paris.

One gentleman asked his companion if the booklet was about Falun Gong. A practitioner heard him and answered, “Yes it is about Falun Gong.” He immediately put it in his pocket. Another gentleman said respectfully to a practitioner as she went by, “Dafa practitioner ?”
A tourist from North Eastern China said in a loud voice to his companions, "Masanjia is really big and full of Falun Gong practitioners. Common law criminals have been released in order to specially detain the Falun Gong practitioners. There are 10,000 of them there. The whole of China knows, now the whole world knows. I have a friend, his colleague is a university graduate, he has been imprisoned there, now he has been tortured to death."
Another said, “how could Jiang Zemin understand Falun Gong, this type of person must have to reincarnate incessantly and undergo eternal suffering.”
The practitioners were touched by their sense of justice and wished that they could raise their voice of justice in favour of Falun Gong.

One lady said, “This morning, I could not take my coach and by taking the following one I was able to meet you. What is amazing is that I took my yellow raincoat with me when I went out, I think that it is not by chance that I met you today. » She pointed to the "I support Falun Gong ” badge and said, “Could I have one like that?” The practitioner gave it to her and she immediately pinned it on her clothing.

Finally, nearly everyone had a Chinese “SOS! Rescue the Falun Gong practitioners persecuted in China” badge. One of them said to his companion, “If you dare have it on you when leaving Beijing airport, you are ok!” The others said “Yes, we are all going to have them on when leaving the airport.”

We discussed and discussed. Nobody wanted to leave.
These tourists from China asked many questions which had confused them. The practitioners answered them patiently. We could see the moment when the lies were pierced one by one, the people having understood the truth naturally showed and anger and contempt towards the Jiang Zemin’s evil group of political scoundrels.

Practising the Exercises and Clarifying the Truth on the Republic Square in Lyon

We were on a very wide pedestrian area. It was as if there was a party with people frequently passing by. Several human rights associations were there and many media and people concerned with human rights came. It was really a good occasion to clarify the truth. Practitioners had put up displays, which showed the true image of Falun Gong and the real situation of the repression.
We also displayed banners calling on the Chinese vice-president to restore the rights of Falun Gong.

On seeing the display and banners, one lady said to us, “you must show your exercises to the people.” We told her that we would be doing the exercises shortly. When we were practising, she copied us from the beginning to the end.

An Algerian man held the Falun Gong leaflet in his hand and said to a practitioner : “This is precious, in any case, sooner or later I am going to die but I am going to leave this to my children and the following generations. » He cordially invited the practitioners to his place in Algeria and offered to guide the journey through the whole country.

The practitioners revealed that from the highest rung of Jiang’s regime to every province, town, district, neighbourhood, police station even to the criminal prisoners, Jiang Zemin has exercised pressure, threats by involving everyone in his crimes. He has overided the State apparatus to act against kind people who practise Zhen-Shan-Ren [Truthfulness- Compassion-Forbearance] and has created a terrorist state. Faced with this kind of oppression, all righteous people have become indignant and many have signed the Falun Gong petition.

The organiser of this activity gave a speech to firmly support the Falun Gong practitioners who persist with peace for their right of belief. He also knew to oppose the constraints from the French police under pressure from the Chinese government so that the activity proceeded successfully.

Reported by French practitioners

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