Taunus Newspaper [German Newspaper]: “SOS Foot-march from city hall to city hall”

Taunus Zeitung [“Taunus” Newspaper - The Taunus is a mountain range close to Frankfurt; translator]

Steinbach [Steinbach is a town in the Taunus region; translator]

Practitioners of the Falun Gong system who live outside of China began a walk on September 22, which will lead through countries as diverse as the USA, Australia, Ireland and many European countries. They are on foot carrying heavy back packs to seek out the mayors in the many small towns and cities to raise awareness about the oppression of innocent Falun Gong practitioners at the hands of a few Chinese individuals in high levels of the government’s power structure.

Among them is the Chinese electronics technician, Dr. Dayong Li, who has lived in New York for the past six years, where he had studied and earned his Ph.D. During his march through Germany, he visited with Peter Recknagel in Steinbach. Peter Recknage, 29 years old, himself a Falun Gong practitioner of many years, is enrolled in a Chinese studies program. He is leader of the German Falun Dafa Association, the German branch of the worldwide Falun Gong practitioners Association.

“The situation of the movement has deteriorated in the past weeks and months,” declared Dr. Li at his appointment with the Taunus Zeitung editors. Many members have already perished as a result of torture. “Our mission now is to walk. We march from city hall to city hall, to point out the suppression of Falun Gong in China. “Around 100 million people worldwide practice Falun Gong, but in its country of origin, China, the followers have to suffer tremendous reprisals and oppression,” said Peter Recknagel, who supports this SOS-march.

Even in China protests are staged against the government’s repressions toward Falun Gong. Only yesterday an incident happened: News media reported that thirty-three Germans, European and other foreigners who had staged a demonstration at Beijing’s Tiananmen Square were arrested. These people had unfurled a banner, with characters in Chinese and English, reading “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance,” the three principles of the system…

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