Chinese Government Violates Human Rights in Germany

Chinese Government Violates Human Rights in Germany

On November 10, when the Vice Chairman of China, Hu Jintao and his delegation visited the Germany Science and Technology Museum in Munich, several of our local practitioners went there to clarify the truth of Dafa, and to appeal to the Chinese government to stop persecuting Dafa practitioners.

When we arrived at the museum, it was just at the time that the delegates following Hu Jintao were getting off the tour bus. We handed them truth-clarifying materials, but most of these deceived [by the Chinese government's propaganda] delegates refused to take them. We then went into the museum, but stayed in the hallway. A middle-age [Chinese] man stepped out the room and said to me: "You are not allowed to pass out materials here." I told him, "We are in Germany and this is a public area." He retorted, "Yes, but the order is for you only." Such irrational statements revealed his attitude. Though he knew that the museum was a public area, he still rudely directed overseas Chinese with the authoritarian manner that he is accustomed to using in China.

After a while, a staff member from the Chinese embassy called the related Germany agencies to pressure them. As expected, two German policemen came. We said, "We should have the right to stay here as visitors of the museum." They answered, "Yes, we know that you have the right to stay. But these Chinese people called us, and we have no choice. Let's compromise. You can stay, but please don't pass out anymore materials."

Seeing that the police did not ask us to leave, the staff members from the Chinese embassy were unwilling to give up and continued to make phone calls. Soon a very high-ranking policeman came and asked us to go outside to discuss the issue with him. We were forced to go out of the sight of the Chinese delegation. We asked them [the police], "According to which law can you limit people's freedom while Chinese leaders are visiting?" The high-ranking official also felt it was very unreasonable, and expressed to us many times, "You can appeal what happened today later, but now we just can't let the Chinese visitors see you." Then he inquired, "What on earth is written on your T-shirts?" We explained to him, "What is written is 'Falun Dafa' and 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance.' We can't understand why the Chinese visitors fear to see these words." All the policemen there laughed as well, they couldn't understand why the Chinese government officials feared seeing the words "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," either. Of course, we know it's because evil fears righteousness. The high-ranking policeman said, "I have seen all the peaceful appealing you have made before. I know you are peaceful."

Jiang Zemin's government does not even have the courage to face Dafa practitioners. Instead, they demanded the German policemen to unreasonably limit the freedom of German residents for over an hour, though they had a legal right to be there. Their behavior not only infringed upon the rights of the overseas Chinese, but also violated that of the German people. One of the practitioners suggested, "Since they are afraid to see 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance,' we can let them hear it." So when the Chinese delegation came out of the museum, all of us, including the Western practitioners, shouted from our hearts, "Falun Dafa is good!"
After the motorcade of the Chinese delegation left, the high-ranking German officer shook my hand firmly and said, "I wish you a wonderful future!"

Posting date: 11/22/2001
Original article date: 11/21/2001
Category: Persecution in China, European Victims
Source - Clearwisdom 11/22/2001

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