MEP's Statement of Support for the Actions in Tiananmen Square


Brussels, 20 November 2001. 33 people from Western countries, in particular from the United States, Canada and various European countries, demonstrated today in Tienanmen Square in support of the members of the Falun Gong
movement who are the victims of brutal repression on the part of the Beijing regime.

Statement by Olivier Dupuis, Secretary of the Transnational Radical Party and Member of the European Parliament:

«In the face of the immobility of the international community, and in particular of the European Union, in the face of the continuing regression in the People's Republic of China and in its colonies Tibet and Uighuristan,
as in many other Asian countries, beginning with Vietnam, Laos and Burma,the only alternative for those citizens and activists who refuse to stand by and watch these extremely grave assaults on the fundamental rights is to assume the responsibility, in their own small way, of a political presence.
Our thanks, as well as our concrete solidarity and support, to the friends and sympathisers of the Falun Gong who demonstrated today in Beijing in favour of their companions who have been arrested and tortured by the Communist regime of Jang Zemin.»

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