Introducing Falun Dafa on the Shores of Lake Evian in Geneva

On Sunday March the 14th we set up Falun Gong information booths alongside Lake Evian. The weather had changed to beautiful sunshine and we were able to distribute flyers, speak to those who showed interest in Falun Gong and tell them the facts of the persecution. Everywhere there were little groups of practitioners either practising the exercises or sending righteous thoughts.

Many children came to a sudden halt, watched for a while and then imitated the exercises. Although they did not quite understand what and why they were imitating us, they seemed to sense that it is something good. These children had no difficulties with the exercises. Many passersby stopped out of curiosity and asked us why we were doing the exercises at the lakeside, instead of in a gym. We explained that the reason why we were demonstrating the exercises outdoors was because that is how it is done in China and most importantly because we wanted to tell people about the persecution of Falun Dafa. We also explained why we came from all over the world to Geneva, and people understood clearly why we were not practising indoors. Many people wished us the best of luck. They also told us that they hoped that the UN members would address our plight.

I asked another practitioner why he was in Geneva at this time and he answered, “I’m here because I want to see an end to the suffering of the imprisoned practitioners in China. No one should be illegally detained in a labour camp because of the commands of one power hungry person.” It is clear to me that he is here in Geneva because he wants to be sure that the world and the politicians are confronted with this injustice.

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