Message of Support from a Geneva Councillor: “I support the campaign of Falun Gong”

Torture is unacceptable and total prohibition against all inhuman treatment that undermines the dignity of the individual must be promoted in the most forceful manner possible. Torture is one of the most shameful attacks against human rights.

The opening of the Commission on Human Rights at Geneva provides the opportunity to break the silence surrounding the practice of torture and to give once again a voice to the victims who have been attacked both physically and in their dignity. Torture is no longer practised to make people talk, but above all to reduce them to silence.

The aim of torture is to make us all silent; not only those who are tortured but all of us who fear torture to the extent of making ourselves passive.” (Dr Inge Genefke, honorary member of the International Centre for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture).

Silence is torture’s best ally. Hidden passageways, clandestine villas, secret detention centres, the existence of which is denied by States.

Let us now break this silence and condemn torture wherever it is practised and against whoever it is practised. No religion, sport, act of freedom of opinion, but also no crime or offence justifies torture. Other means are possible to punish persons who have committed a reprehensible act.

In this context I support the campaign of Falun Gong members who are fighting against the inhuman practices carried out against the members of this movement.

Maria Roth-Bernasconi
National Socialist Councillor, Geneva

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