Our Appeal Won’t Stop Until the Persecution Ends - Some Brief Stories of Clarifying the Truth in Geneva

On March the 13th, despite heavy rain, many Falun Gong practitioners from all over the world gathered together in Geneva. They set up several Dafa information stands on the streets in order to demonstrate the exercises and hand out leaflets. Many people stopped at our stands and picked up the leaflets to take a look.

This has been the fifth year of Falun Gong practitioners gathering in Geneva during the annual UN Human Rights Conference. Each year, practitioners from all over the world come to appeal. They call on the world to pay more attention to China’s persecution of Falun Gong and urge all kind-hearted people to stop the evil persecution of practitioners, as well as the abuse of basic human rights in China. What’s more, Jiang’s regime has also exported the persecution overseas to other countries. Recently, a series of abuses of Falun Gong practitioners and attacks on basic human rights occurred in Europe, where practitioners were arrested simply because they wore yellow during Jiang Zemin’s visit to Germany as well as Hu Jintao’s visit to France. Also, practitioners were not allowed to enter Iceland when Jiang was paying his visit in June, 2002.

An overseas Chinese resident in Switzerland told us that he thought Jiang’s persecution of Falun Gong is bringing trouble to himself. When the resident went out to accompany tourist groups visiting from China, he sometimes met Falun Gong practitioners handing out leaflets and just told the tourist group to have a look at our leaflets. If the leader did not allow them to accept, he would say that ‘Falun Gong is legal in overseas countries and is protected by the government as we have the freedoms of belief and speech here. If you forbid others to take the leaflets, then you are breaking the local law.’ When practitioners gave him the leaflets, he and his friends all threw out their hands to accept at the same time.

After giving a leaflet to an African and telling him what it was all about, he told this practitioner that he is taking part in the UN Human Rights meeting and he will pass on our message during the conference. Some practitioners have actually mentioned in the past that for those countries that do not have practitioners, this time can be seen as a golden opportunity for them to know the truth and secure their future.

When a practitioner gave a leaflet to a western couple, the lady spoke to him slowly in Chinese: ‘Falun Dafa Hao!’ At the moment when her husband smiled and nodded his head, this practitioner’s tears poured out.

In response to, ‘Why have you come to Geneva?,’ Ms Uta from Germany told us that, ‘After practising Falun Dafa, I know how to be a good person by following the principles of ‘Truth-Compassion-Tolerance’; I have gained so many benefits in both my mind and body. Falun Gong practitioners inside China could not come to Geneva to appeal to the UN because of the torture and persecution; however, they never gave up practising nor stopped telling people the truth. So I have come here to act as their voice. I have come here to tell the whole world that Falun Dafa is good and about what is going on inside China. By taking part in Dafa activities, I want to bring about people’s awareness to stop this brutal persecution against Falun Gong inside China.’

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