Radio France Internationale: Falun Gong Will Become a Major Focus During the Annual Meeting of the UN’s Human Rights Commission

The following transcript is from the Chinese news programme that Radio France Internationale broadcast to China on March 14th.

The 60th annual meeting of the United Nations’ Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) will be held in Geneva starting from Monday, March 15th.

Meanwhile, human rights issues in China have again attracted public attention. Before the meeting, there were reports saying that the USA will bring up a resolution again about the human rights issues in China. However, according to the UNHRC’s meeting schedule available as of now, the formal agenda does not include a subject related to China’s human rights.

The Central News Agency says that the demonstration activities conducted by worldwide Falun Gong practitioners outside the conference hall will become a major focus.

Information shows that there will be more than one thousand Falun Gong practitioners attending the demonstration in Geneva on Monday. Among them, more than one hundred practitioners are from Taiwan.

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