Germany: “Where Can I Sign My Name?” - Support from the People of Frankfurt

“Where can I sign my name?” was the most frequent question that Dafa practitioners had to answer on the Falun Gong Information Day in Frankfurt. Many passers-by added their names to a petition to support an appeal to bring the criminals who persecute Falun Gong to justice.

The Falun Gong Information Day was held in downtown Frankfurt on February the 21st. Four banners hung among the trees, carrying the names of the main criminals responsible for the human rights atrocities against practitioners in China. In front of the banners were local people who practise Falun Gong, demonstrating the peaceful and serene Falun Gong exercises. Falun Dafa practitioners all know the tremendous benefits to mental and physical wellbeing that practising these exercises can bring. But if someone were to practise these exercises in China, they could easily be arrested. Dafa practitioners detailed the crimes committed by Jiang and his followers to the passers-by. Photos of the victims who have been inhumanly persecuted and tortured to death at police stations or forced labour camps under the Jiang regime’s direct orders were displayed on a large information board.

People always asked how such an unjustifiable persecution could have happened. The practitioners also wondered how to explain this irrational, insidious behaviour? It seemed that no reasonable explanations were available. But one thing is clear: We need to stop these human rights violations immediately. Dafa practitioners call upon the general public to help stop the persecution. Many people from all over the world have already offered their heartfelt support.

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