Germany: Letting More People Know the Facts at Karlsruhe University

A practitioner lives near Karlsruhe University, and many Chinese people pass by his house every day. He thought it was a pity that these Chinese people do not understand the truth of the persecution of Falun Gong, which has been instigated by Jiang Zemin. He knows that there are many Chinese students in the big cities in Germany. However, at the same time, some of his past experiences prevented him from walking on the streets and distributing leaflets to them directly. He felt that he doesn’t know how to talk to them.

One day, he got the feeling that that he couldn’t wait any more. When a fellow practitioner mentioned that he would have a day off next week, he suddenly had an idea. He suggested that they put up a stall in the University’s canteen during lunch break. Although he still didn’t know how to plan this and who he should apply to, his suggestion earned warm praise from everyone. The next day he went to the Student Administration Office to apply for permission. He told the truth of Falun Gong to the staff in the Secretaries Department of the office. The application was approved right away, and the staff said that they could lend us the stall and some presentation boards.

After solving the first problem, we found that we didn’t have many Chinese and German materials at hand. After asking the practitioners in other cities around us to help, the materials were sent from Bruchsal, Heidelberg, and Darmstadt. On the first day a practitioner from Darmstadt came to help us. The stall ran from February the 9th to February the 14th.

Due to time constraints, not every practitioner could help out with the stall daily. We coordinated with one another to ensure three practitioners could be at the activity every day. The students appeared in large crowds to have lunch and only three of us did not look like enough. However, with our kind hearts ready to tell people the facts, it was enough to have three people. One practitioner stood in front of the stall and the other two distributed materials on both sides. Everything went smoothly when we studied the Fa well and kept righteous thoughts in our minds.

Three days passed by. Some practitioners asked whether it was worth continuing for the entire week. Three days should be enough because many students had seen us and got the leaflets. After a short discussion, we decided to continue this activity for the rest of the week. On the fourth and fifth day, students and other people came to support our activity. They told us that it was the first time they’d seen the stall. It seems that continuing the activity to the end was very important.

Finally we distributed almost all of our Chinese materials and lots of German materials. We went to collect the materials and newspapers that the students had read and left on the table at the end of each day. To our surprise, there were not many materials on the tables and nothing in the litter bins. It looks like the students kept these materials and took them home.

During this period of time, what touched us most were the students’ attitudes. Many people looked at the display boards, signed a petition to support us, and even provided us with good advice on how to let more people know the truth. Some people returned the materials after lunch, told us that they’d read them already and these materials could be provided to others.

Most Chinese people received the materials with a smile. Because it’s difficult to differentiate between them, when we once again offered the materials to them, they were not angry. They said, “Thanks. We’ve already got it,” and showed us the materials in their hands. Chinese people who had doubts and didn’t take the materials earlier on, now stood in front of our stall seeking to learn the truth of the persecution of Falun Gong in China.

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