Germany: Newspaper Verdener Aller Zeitung Reports on Appeal in Bremen and Exposes the Persecution in China

On February the 25th 2004, Verdener Aller Zeitung (Verdener General Newspaper) reported on a Falun Gong appeal. The report was entitled “Falun Gong Practitioners hold Activities to Protest against the Persecution in China”.

The report stated: Chilly and rainy weather did not prevent the Falun Gong group demonstrating their Falun Gong exercises in the pedestrian area in Bremen. “We were trying to help more people become aware of the heinous persecution against millions of Falun Gong practitioners in China, so as to bring it to an end soon,” Tina and Sebastian emphasised. Meanwhile, Falun Gong practitioners held petition-signing activities and appealed to more people to join and support the lawsuit against Jiang Zemin, the ex-president of China, who is accused of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity.

The report also mentioned that the Chinese Government actually supported Falun Gong at the beginning. However, when they discovered that the number of Falun Gong practitioners rose to 70 million in 1999, under the influence of Jiang's mapiluation and deciet, they banned the group in fear of an uncontrollable people’s movement. Since then, Falun Gong practitioners have endured the massive persecution in China and many people have been sent to prison, labour camps and mental institutions.

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