Germany: Hamburg Residents Definitely Support Falun Gong In Paris Incident

At the end of January, dozens of Falun Gong practitioners were unlawfully arrested in Paris by French police who were apparently pressed by the Chinese authority. To raise the awareness of this incident, on February 17, German practitioners held an "Information Day" event at downtown Hamburg. Practitioners displayed an "Avenue des Champs Elysees fell in China's hand" [English translation] banner on the fence of the sidewalk. Once in a while, passersby stopped and read this banner repeatedly, then some of them would come to the information table to ask for detail, some rather started to look through practitioners' display boards.

Feedback from passersby

Upon learning that French Government banned yellow scarves at Avenue des Champs Elysees for economical interest, a middle-aged passerby said resolutely: "Freedom is the most important thing. It is O.K. if we don't have money, however, we can't afford losing freedom."

A staff of Hamburg City hall passed practitioners' information booth, he has seen much news about Falun Gong. He took a truth-clarifying pamphlet about Paris incident, and he said: "We must pothook every economical contract with human rights when we deal with China. Only by doing so, can we really help China. "

Another well-dressed middle-aged passerby took a pamphlet and left in a hurry. About ten minutes later, he came back and asked: "Is this real? How can this happen in Paris? Can you tell me more details of this incident?" After practitioners confirmed the details, he said: "You should tell more people about this incident, it is hard to believe." When he left, he sincerely wished practitioners success.

When he saw the "Bring Jiang Zemin to Justice" banner, an elderly person signed the petition form without hesitation. After hearing the Paris incident, he said: "This [Jiang group] is too dangerous to our democratic nations, we should protect ourselves from foreign hegemony."

Every time when practitioners have an "Information Day" event, they will always meet some Chinese who just came to Germany from China. When seeing Falun Gong practitioners, many of those Chinese always suspect that they were in a dream. Once, a Chinese was speechless when he saw practitioners, and he was in a daze staring at practitioners until a practitioner approached him with smile and talked with him. He then repeatedly said: "Why do they [China's media controlled by the Jiang group] tell us no one practises Falun Gong in other countries?!"

During this event, practitioners in general saw that unlike before when people would frequently ask what Falun Gong is, many people just came to sign the petition when they saw "Bring Jiang Zemin to Justice" banner. At the beginning, a young guy didn't know what "genocide" meant, but after a practitioner told him about Jiang Zemin's crimes, he felt that Jiang should be brought to justice right away.

With practitioners' untiring perseverance in clarifying truth, people understand more and more about Falun Dafa. Support and encouragement from everyday people increase daily. Practitioners also have improved understandings in clarifying the truth and will strive to do better.

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