Report from Swiss Newspaper Kreuzlinger Nachrichten: A Kreuzlinger Citizen Staged a Hunger Strike to Protest Against Human Rights Violations in China

On January 22nd 2004, a Swiss Newspaper called “Kreuzlinger Nachrichten” published a reader’s letter entitled “A Kreuzlinger Citizen Staged a Hunger Strike to Protest Against Human Rights Violations in China”:

Honourable Ladies and Gentlemen,

Several days ago, we received and verified a piece of distressing news.

A man of courage with a sense of justice left this world after having silently endured torture and abuse for twenty one months. We have particularly strong connections to him. On March 14th 2002, four Swiss Falun Gong practitioners staged a hunger strike for him and other imprisoned practitioners at the Chinese Government Liaison Office in Hong Kong. They were unlawfully arrested. We had attempted to raise the concern of the Western governments over the fate of this man and his friends in the sincere hope of securing their freedom.

With great courage, Mr. Liu Chengjun successfully tapped into a cable TV signal to broadcast programmes exposing the atrocities against Falun Gong practitioners in China to hundreds of thousands of people. He loved his own country. For the peace and freedom of all of China, he lost his life. He died because of the personal jealousy, hatred and fear of the former Chinese leader who is being sued in many countries for Genocide.

We remorsefully grieve over the death of Mr. Liu Chengjun. If international organisations had enthusiastically responded to the Urgent Action statement issued by Amnesty International or to the request made by IGFM (International Society for Human Rights), then Mr. Chengjun would have regained freedom like the other released practitioners.

Honourable ladies and gentlemen, to mourn the death of Mr. Liu Chengjun, please try your best to publish the following report for your readers to let them understand the facts of the persecution in China.

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