Studying the Fa to Drive Out Interference.

I started to make truth-clarification calls to China, on and off, after the Changchun TV-tapping incident in March 2003. During this period, I was able to make several calls to China before going to work. I could feel the fast pace of the Fa-rectification's progress, as well as the urgency and importance of saving sentient beings and speaking the truth about the persecution. So I wanted to make more calls to China.

I usually used telephone numbers from the persecution cases published on websites, so as to directly clarify the facts over the telephone by talking about real people and their true stories. The people and the units I called were mainly wicked policemen and officials who directly participated in the persecution of Dafa practitioners, or the units directly responsible for the persecution. Recently, I also joined the campaign initiated by overseas practitioners to intensively make phone calls to a certain area in China in order to extensively clarify the facts to the general public and overpower the evil. This campaign helped me expand the scope of my truth-clarification. I was also inspired and encouraged tremendously by other practitioners’ experiences. Personally, I also encountered some stories of successful truth-clarification, and I planned to write them down and share them with other practitioners.

In the past couple of months, interference has been significant. For instance, due to some “human” errors, my telephone did not work properly for an entire week. Later I wanted to write down some stories about clarifying the truth over the phone, but something went wrong with my computer. I was unable to complete a piece of writing in Chinese because whenever I pressed any Chinese punctuation keys, the delete key and others, they came out as English letters. I asked a professional to check it out, but to no avail. It ended up that my computer had to be shut down for ten days to reinstall all the operational software. After the external factors were readjusted, I just did not know why my physical body was so tired. I was so sleepy that I felt drowsy while I was studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts, and I even found it strenuous when I was practising the exercises. During the Spring Festival, it was not only a good opportunity to clarify the truth to old friends and relatives in China by telephone, but also a golden opportunity to clarify the truth to the general public by sending New Year greetings to them by telephone. Over two weeks, apart from phoning old friends and relatives, I just could not make any phone calls to others. When I forced myself to pick up the telephone, and got ready to dial the numbers, my mind went blank. I just did not know what to say.

I clearly sensed that this situation was not right, and I knew that I could only clear up the situation and eliminate my fatigue through Fa-study. After I persevered in studying the Fa, my telephone started to work normally. However, I felt that I still had not made any breakthrough regarding the interference. Inspired by an article written by a fellow practitioner about reciting Master Li’s Lectures, I began to recite Master Li’s lectures again yesterday. In over two hours, I only managed to recite two pages that I had recited in the past. During this process, I felt very sleepy and my head felt very heavy. In the end my eyes closed before I knew it. I knew that it was interference from the evil. Therefore I was determined to proceed without interruption from that point on, and would definitely drive out the interference.

This morning, after sending forth righteous thoughts, I continued to recite Master Li’s lectures. In just over an hour, I recited two pages. Though the pace was still slow, my head did not feel heavy or sleepy any more. Instead, I concentrated my attention on reciting the Fa. Then I picked up the telephone to call China. I felt alert and articulate no matter what kind of person I spoke to. My heart was very tranquil and peaceful. I even completed this article without stopping. As long as we have righteous hearts and righteous thoughts, Master Li can continuously provide us with the wisdom and capabilities we need to clarify the truth. As Master Li mentioned in Zhuan Falun:

“Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while transformation of gong is done by one’s master.”

What great salvation and compassion in Esteemed Master’s words! We cannot use any human language to express the greatness of Master Li.

After making some calls to China this morning, I felt that I had made a breakthrough and enlightened to something. A cultivator’s every notion or thought is powerful. Gods can see it, and so does the evil. During the period when I made phone calls on and off, whenever I had the notion of making phone calls to China, interference started to emerge. But I did not sense it. In retrospect, anything happening around us, big or small, is related to our cultivation, so every notion or thought should be measured by the Fa. In the midst of interference, or in confusion, we cannot always find a definite way through, but we are able to make breakthroughs as long as we persevere with Fa-study. When comparing this morning to yesterday, the obvious contrast immediately demonstrated the magnificence of the Fa, just as Master Li mentioned in the article “Drive Out Interference” in Essentials for Further Advancement II:

“The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts.”

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