Practitioners and Their Families Kidnapped in the Street Before APEC Conference


Before the APEC conference (around September 15, 2001), some Shanghai practitioners were arrested. Some were sent to brainwashing class and the others were detained. Many other practitioners were under close surveillance and lost their basic freedoms.

Yang Xiaoping and spouse were detained. Granny Ying Peiwen, who is over 70 years old, and a young female practitioner were also detained.

Police suddenly kidnapped two female practitioners, who were about 55 years old, as they were walking in the street with their family. Their family members were also arrested at the same time. One was released on the same day, another family member was released after 24 hours. Until now, the practitioners are prohibited from receiving visitors. According to the insiders, it is believed that they are detained in a new brainwashing class in Yangpu District.


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