Discrimination Due to Chinese Embassy's Pressure is Broadly Reported by Major French Media

From January 15 to 26, most major French media including AFP, Le Parisien, L'Humanit, Le Monde, Le Nouvel Observateur and Témoignage Chrétien revealed that the Chinese officials in France had put pressure on Paris to discriminate against Falun Gong. Some revealed that the Chinese regime went as far as threatening to cancel all the New Year activities in Paris if Falun Gong was allowed to participate. And what it meant was that the Chinese consulate was ready to cancel a 210,000 Euros contract with Paris City just to make sure no Falun Gong practitioner would be seen on the spot. One may wonder what the Chinese regime fears so much to even go to such extremes as excluding peaceful people from their parade, especially people who claim nothing but the right to freely practise their ancient Chinese exercises? Some media also announced that in order to protest such discrimination, Falun Gong was invited to the Senate for a press conference with Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders.

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