Radio France Internationale: Falun Gong Practitioners Hold a Series of Press Conferences

Radio France Internationale reported the following to China and the Mandarin-speaking Paris region on January the 21st 2004:

The French Falun Dafa Association held a press conference in Paris on Tuesday to protest that they have been prevented from participating in the Spring Festival Parade on January 24th.

Falun Gong practitioners will hold a parade on January the 23rd in Paris and hold a candlelight vigil that evening near the Eiffel Tower.

According to news from Canada, the Falun Dafa Association will also hold a press conference in Ottawa with the international human rights lawyer Mr. David Mytas. They hope to punish those who have persecuted Falun Gong using crimes against humanity and anti-war crimes that are a part of Canadian law.

Protests have emerged to oppose the visit of the State Chairman of China, Hu Jintao, to France, even though Hu has not embarked on his tour yet.

In a press conference at the French Senate, the Paris-based Reporters Without Borders organisation requested for President Chirac and his government to continue to appeal for an improvement in the human rights conditions in China.

The former French Justice Minister Badinter and the former Education Minister Jack Lang were also invited to attend the conference.

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