The predestined person from Turkey

By Turkish practitioners

Wednesday, 17th October, 2001

In Turkey there is a new practitioner whose name is Yerham. One day after Turkish practitioners finished giving out leaflets, Yerham telephoned a local practitioner, Liam, and expressed that he would like to study Falun Dafa. The next day he came to the practice site with his wife, and he told Liam about many miraculous things that happened to him.

A few years ago, one night, when Yerham was sleeping, he levitated in the air. Upon seeing this, his brother woke him up. As soon as Yerham opened his eyes he saw himself levitating in the air. He felt very nervous and fell back onto the bed. On 17th August this year was the two year anniversary of the 1999 great Turkish earthquake. During the whole night he could hear scared voices calling for help and he knew that they were from the actual earthquake. In 1999, he actually heard the voices before the earthquake happened.

He also has a special predestined relationship with Falun Dafa. He told us that he saw Liam 15 days ago via his Third Eye. On the day he actually met Liam and thought it was amazing. He also said that recently in his dreams there was a Buddha showing him many hand signs. He sketched the signs and showed them to Liam. Liam thought they looked like Teacher Li’s great hand signs. Liam then showed Yerham the video of Teacher Li’s great hand signs, and immediately Yerham recognized them. He also wanted to take away Master’s VCD lecture in English and Chinese, even though that he could understand neither language. He thought that maybe he could find some heavenly secrets in them. When he saw the pictures of Buddhas and Boddhistavas in the book HongYin [book of Teacher Li’s poems], he smiled very joyfully. He said to Liam that the pictures were very important to him. Liam also gave him the Minghui [Chinese Clear Wisdom] web address and told him that he could find everything he seeks. Yerham and his wife were so surprised because in dreams someone told him the word “Minghui”, but he never understood what it really meant. Yerham’s wife is no ordinary person either, and she even practises the “penetrating the two cosmic extremes” exercises in her dreams!

On the first day Liam only gave Yerham a copy of the English “Zhuan Falun” [main book of Falun Gong]. A few days later Yerham also obtained a Chinese copy of Zhuan Falun. Yerham cherished the books very seriously. He also understood that Falun Dafa is more than exercises movements and there are requirements for the inner nature. When Yerham was learning the fourth exercise, he felt that he was in touch with God. He also said that he knew from 1960 to 2000 is the period when the earth deteriorates. He said that the human moral values started to deteriorate from then and people would do anything for money. He also said that the period of 2001 to 2010 is to save earth. He remembered that he could naturally write a few Chinese characters when he was little.

As soon as Yerham started practising he wished to set up a Falun Gong exercise site. He lives very far from the site and every morning he needs to drive for an half and hour to get to it. All of us could see how serious he was with the exercises. He also has many questions, but there is no Turkish translation of “Zhuan Falun”. Yerham said that he could see the far space when he was only 5. He read many bibles, but in the end he realised what he sought was a practice to transform the physical body into high level energy, and achieve perfection and live forever. Thus he had been calling the universe for the practice, and in the end he found Dafa. He also said that the movements were very important and he could feel clearly the rotation of the Falun and the flow of the energy, etc. 20-10-17

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