How the Centre of Cambridge, England Became a Peaceful, Harmonious and Sacred Place

Cambridge is a famous university town in England. On Saturday 27th October, the busy Cambridge shoppers were awakened by glorious and solemn music played right in the city centre and heard all the way through the heavens. People paused and tried to find out where exactly the beautiful music was coming from. Then they saw a group of Falun Gong practitioners practising the gentle exercises.
Outside the Cambridge City Guildhall, while practitioners demonstrated the exercises and revealed the truth of the persecution in China, the exercise music and the Falun Dafa music of “Pudu”, “Jishi” attracted many people. The first visitor we had was a well- known professor from the engineering department of Cambridge University. When we told him that we were practising Falun Gong, he said that he had not heard of it before. We then felt that the truth clarifying activities in Cambridge needed serious attention. The scholar accepted our leaflet happily and said that he would study it carefully. Just like that, we gave out nearly a thousand leaflets to the Cambridge citizens on that day.

On 3rd November our activity site this time was at Kings’ Parade, right in front of Kings College. Kings College’s images are widely used to represent the university, and the College has some extraordinary architecture. It is situated right at the middle of the town, and is visited by hundreds of people every day. Many lecturers and students pass the College on their way to their departments.

As soon as the banners “Falun Dafa” and “Zhen-Shan-Ren” [Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance] were displayed, and when we still had not finished setting up the tables, a few people already came to us and asked for leaflets and information of practice sites. It seemed that people obtained what they pursued for a long time, and I had a particular feeling that some kind of a miracle was going to happen on the day.

The practitioners began demonstrating the exercises in accordance with the Falun Dafa music. Many tourists paused and gathered around to watch. Gradually a big crowd formed around us and the street became so quiet. People opened their eyes wide and were attracted to the sight of so many practitioners of different races and ages practising peaceful movements together. All of a sudden, a busy city centre turned into a peaceful, harmonious and sacred place.

A senior citizen told me that he thought the music was great and made him feel calm. A youth came and asked if he could obtain a copy of the music tape. A few youngsters first watched the demonstration quietly and then joined the practitioners to learn the movements. A university student went through the books displayed on the table with great interest. A woman whom we met last Saturday came again and signed her name on the petition letter. There was also a couple who signed the petition and told us not to be discouraged and that we should keep fighting for the human rights of the Falun Gong practitioners in China.

A detective constable from the Cambridge police station also came to our site. He first sent his greetings to a practitioner who used to study at the university and was refused by the Chinese embassy for his passport renewal. He then told us, “Your peaceful demonstration is protected by the British law and, should anyone seek trouble from you, please contact us and we would be willing to help.”

It is well known that Cambridge University is one of the origins of modern science. The University has many famous scholars who are widely recognized and are given great fame. However, today, the scholars showed great interest in the Falun Gong exercises, and expressed no pride at all. People no longer wait for us to hand out leaflets but asked for them actively. There were seven practitioners who handed out the leaflets and they found it difficult to keep up the pace! Many started reading the leaflets as soon as they got them. We had people constantly chatting to us at the display table and exchanged views with us. Some even told us that they would join us at the next free class! Previously when we conducted or activities there were often puzzled Chinese people who would question us in unfriendly ways. But none were seen on the day. At the end of the day we had given out over 2,000 leaflets and a few hundred Chinese newspapers.

At sun set practitioners were still demonstrating the exercises under the rose coloured evening sun, and people were still coming by. Watching the glorious and solemn scene, tears flowed out of my eyes. Every practitioner felt that it had been a special day.

Many received the principles of Falun Dafa on that day, and I know that it was the result of the co-ordinated work of many practitioners from different parts of the country.

By UK practitioners

12th November 2001

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