Germany: Falun Gong Activities on World Human Rights Day in Darmstadt

On the 10th of December, which is World Human Rights Day, Falun Gong practitioners from Germany held activities in Darmstadt. The activities lasted from late afternoon until the early evening and focused on telling people in Darmstadt about the lawsuit against Jiang Zemin in Germany.

Before the activities had actually started, practitioners held some discussions and shared experiences with one another. Everyone realised that if practitioners can cooperate well with each other and form a harmonious environment, then the most important step will have already been achieved. During the preparation, something happened and blocked practitioners from cooperating together as one body. Later, however, everyone dropped their notions and perceptions and put the collective task as their priority. At the end, nearly all practitioners from Darmstadt joined the activities and even practitioners from Wiesbaden attended.

When practitioners were in the process of setting up the stall, a lady from a stall nearby came over and asked to sign the petition. Many children also stood and watched practitioners doing the exercises.

On that day, practitioners went to photocopy some leaflets. At first, 100 copies were printed, but they were soon handed out so another 200 were printed. This time the owner of the photocopying shop became very interested in the leaflets and read through the content. He said the things happening in China are terrible and offered the practitioners a discount on the printing costs.

Despite the cold weather, practitioners still demonstrated the five exercises for two hours at a time. When all of the shops were about to close, one of the sales assistants from the sweet shop brought them a bowl of sweets. Overall many people walked by the Dafa stall and read through the information about suing Jiang Zemin. On World Human Rights Day, many people have come to know the truth.

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