Germany: Falun Gong Practitioners Hold their First Information Day in Cuxhaven

On the first weekend of their Christmas holidays, Dafa practitioners from Bremen and Hamburg held the first Falun Gong information day in Cuxhaven. The purpose of this activity was to clarify the facts to people and to secure the rescue of practitioners who are illegally imprisoned in China, including Berlin university student Xiong Wei.

Cuxhaven is a small town on the northern coast of Germany that is famous for its beautiful beach. Many tourists go there on vacation in the summer, including people from northern Germany.

Although it was cold on the day of the appeal, practitioners distributed many flyers to passers-by. The activity was held in a special place near to a Christmas market, where the environment was good. Thanks to efforts from staff at city hall, practitioners obtained a good area to clarify the facts. The city hall staff also wished practitioners well in the activities. Some people visited the Dafa stand several times and this provided practitioners with more chances to clarify the facts to them. Many local residents asked if there was an exercise site in Cuxhaven.

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