Ka-news (German media): Genocide Complaint Filed Against Jiang Zemin With the German Federal Prosecutor’s Office

Karlsruhe: Two years have passed since Andrè Huber’s arrest on Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The student, who resides in Karlsruhe, publicly protested on Tiananmen Square for the rights of Falun Gong practitioners who are being persecuted in China. When he hoisted a banner, seven policemen immediately ran towards him and pushed him to the ground. He was detained for several days in a Chinese prison and was released due to efforts from the German Embassy. He is continuing, though through unusual methods, with his protest in Karlsruhe. This coming Monday, he will file a complaint with the Federal Prosecutor’s Office against the former Chinese President Jiang Zemin on the counts of genocide and torture.

The twenty-four-year old Hubert disclosed that, “we wish to help the seventy million Falun Gong practitioners in China who have no rights.” Because of this, he and thirty others in Germany have decided to file a lawsuit. Wolfgang Kaleck, a lawyer from Berlin, will represent them. The best possible outcome hoped for is that the federal prosecutor’s office will take a serious look at the human rights violations in China. It is hoped that at minimum, the lawyers will take a look at the situation. They have already discussed the possible outcomes with those involved. No feedback has been received as yet.

Falun Gong is a Cultivation Practice

Huber understands clearly that his intentions present a diplomatic dilemma. He is certain that his attempt will provoke controversial discussions in political circles. After all, the Federal Republic entertains good economic relations with China. Still, he is not afraid of any possible browbeating. His experience in China, while detained in a small cell with twenty strangers, has numbed him.

He is not supported by any large organisation. Although there are a number of Falun Gong groups in Germany, including Karlsruhe, the approximately 500 members generally have no contact with each other. Huber explained that, “Falun Gong is not an organisation.” Although the movements are similar to those in Buddhism, it is not considered a religion. “I call it a cultivation practice,” responded Huber when asked for a definition of Falun Gong.

It is time that Jiang Zemin is held responsible for his actions

We must agree that this cultivation practice gained tremendous popularity in China. Huber explained that, within a period of six years, seventy million people decided to practise Falun Gong. Unfortunately, the government became concerned because of its remarkable popularity. They suddenly saw a threat to their power in Falun Gong. Yet, according to Huber, the practitioners have no interest in politics. He stated that the actions of the government pushed us [Falun Gong] on opposite sides.

It is important to realise that his lawsuit is not directed against China as a country, but against Jiang Zemin. “It is time that Jiang Zemin is held responsible, considering that within barely five years we know of 800 official death victims, and over 200,000 illegally imprisoned people." Huber is determined.

German version available at http://de.yuanming.info/articles/200312/13501.html

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