Radio Free Asia: Rescue Xiong Wei Activities Held in Europe

"Radio Free Asia" recently reported that Dafa practitioner Ms. Xiong Wei spent her second birthday in jail. The Berlin University student was illegally sentenced to two years because she handed out leaflets about Falun Gong. During this time, Xiong Wei’s friends in Germany and other European countries have organised different activities to call for her release. Below is a transcript of a recording from Radio Free Asia’s correspondent Yi Tian.

Berlin University student Ms. Xiong Wei returned [to China] to work in 1999 and has been detained for almost two years, since 2002, for distributing Falun Gong leaflets. On the 8th of December, she spent her second birthday in jail. German and European practitioners established a rescue group for Ms. Xiong Wei on the day of her birthday to call for her release. On Sunday afternoon, Ms. Xiong Wei's brother in Israel told the reporters about the group.

To rescue Ms. Xiong Wei, one German pop singer wrote and sang a song especially for her. The singer also made a CD for her. Carolina, a member of the rescue Xiong Wei Group, also wrote and read a poem to call for her release.

Berlin student Zhihong Zheng from Zhejiang province in China also read the translation of Carolina's poem translated in Chinese.

On Xiong Wei's birthday, Miss Christina from Heidelberg said that she, “wishes Ms. Xiong Wei a happy birthday and also said that German citizens and others sent her a lot of cards, letters and parcels in the hope that Ms. Xiong Wei will receive support and encouragement from them. She also said that they have already sued Jiang last November. She and others believe that truthfulness, compassion and tolerance will definitely win.”

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