UK: Scottish Practitioners Clarify the Facts in the City of Glasgow

On Saturday the 13th of December, despite overcast and rainy weather, several Scottish Falun Gong practitioners went to Glasgow city centre to clarify the facts about the persecution of Falun Gong to the general public. They handed out leaflets, demonstrated the exercises and displayed materials which revealed the harsh reality of the persecution.

One Chinese practitioner, who only speaks a little English, was determined to overcome the language barrier and his own fears in order to expose the persecution and to gain public support and understanding. He stood in front of a petition desk and managed to use his very limited English to ask people to sign their names. He even said ‘Happy Christmas’ to people in English.

At one point, while everyone was demonstrating the exercises, one practitioner opened her eyes and saw a young boy looking at her. She explained to him what is going on in China regarding the persecution and asked him to sign the petition. He then said he would definitely leave his name. When his friend asked him to leave, he walked away but didn’t forget to turn back and say: "Well done! Please carry on!"

His words reflected practitioners' sentiments: we will carry on clarifying the facts until the persecution ends.

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