Germany: Falun Gong Practitioners Hold Activities to Raise Awareness about the Lawsuit Against Jiang on World Human Rights Day

On the 10th of December, World Human Rights Day, Falun Gong practitioners held events accross Germany to appeal for an end to the persecution of Falun Gong. The events focused on two particular issues: lawsuits launched against Jiang Zemin for his role in instigating the persecution and rescuing Xiong Wei, a practitioner from Germany currently incarcerated in China. The different events, held in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hannover, Heidelburg, Munich and Regensburg followed on from last month's announcement that a lawsuit had been filed in Germany charging Jiang Zemin and other Chinese Offiicals with Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity.

Hannover: ‘Where is the petition form for rescuing that Chinese girl Xiong Wei?’

The North German Radio Station broadcast an interview with a Falun Gong practitioner in the early morning. During the interview, Xiong Wei was mentioned. As a result of the broadcast, many local people came to the stall where Dafa practitioners were holding their activity. The first question they asked was, ‘Where is the petition form for rescuing that Chinese girl Xiong Wei?’

A large parade of tens of thousands of students was also held that day. Groups of students passed by the stall and many of them signed the petition form as soon as they learned that it was about the major human rights issue of the persecution of Falun Gong in China.

Heidelberg: The obvious change in attitude of the Chinese people

Many tourists from China come to visit Heidelberg every day. Through the activities on World Human Rights Day, Falun Gong practitioners found that many overseas Chinese and people from mainland China were very friendly. Looking back over the activities during the past four years, one can see that the effect of the Jiang regime's propaganda and coercion has become less and less and that more and more people are gradually waking up to their conscience.

Three western practitioners from Heidelberg, a father and his two daughters, previously went to China to appeal for Falun Gong in Beijing's Tiananmen Square, where they were illegally detained and abused. They are three of the plaintiffs in a German lawsuit filed against Jiang for his crimes in instigating this persecution. This brought home the message of Jiang’s crimes and the lawsuit against him to the people of Heidelberg and the passing tourists.

Berlin: ‘You should let more people know the truth!’

Falun Gong practitioners once again gathered outside the Chinese Consulate in Berlin to demonstrate the exercises and send forth righteous thoughts. A practitioner who was handing out flyers said that more and more people are interested in learning about Falun Gong. She also said that many people came to understand the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution after only a few words. It is apparent that people are more clearminded than they were four years ago, when the persecution had just begun and people only knew about the Jiang regime's slander and lies. Many people found it hard to believe that Jiang’s regime had began a persecution against a group of non-political people. One German man said that he was very glad to see people making an effort for human rights and some passers-by encouraged practitioners to hold more activities so that more people can come to understand the facts.

Munich: Peaceful appeal outside the Chinese embassy

The International Human Rights Group in Munich invited people from Xinjiang in China and Falun Gong practitioners to appeal outside the Chinese Embassy in Munich. Falun Gong practitioners did the exercises quietly. Behind a curtain in one of the embassy rooms, someone was using a video camera to secretly film Falun Gong practitioners. However, practitioners continued to peacefully demonstrate the exercises, as they hoped that more Chinese people could understand the real nature of Falun Gong after watching the tape and no longer be fooled by the Jiang regime's lies about Falun Gong. Such a simple scene can be very powerful.

Falun Gong embodies traditional Chinese culture. Practitioners also took part in an exhibition during a culture festival in a university in Munich. The beauty of Falun Dafa could be seen through the demonstrations of the exercises and practitioners' artwork. Practitioners also took the opportunity to explain the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution to the visitors.

Regensburg: German people supporting suing Jiang

Practitioners from Regensburg and nearby areas set up a Falun Gong workshop together. One practitioner explained how the Chinese Embassy refused to renew his Chinese passport and about how his mother was being tortured in China. Another practitioner, who personally experienced persecution in China, explained to people how the media inside China is under the control of Jiang and about how some of her school mates thought that she had mental problems and stopped talking to her because of the propaganda. Under this kind of spiritual persecution, she was also made to think that she was wrong. This story really shocked many German people, and many of them just found it incredible. As a result, all of them signed their names on the petition to support a lawsuit against Jiang. A coordinator from a local human rights group also participated in the meeting and expressed his support for Falun Gong.


As is always the case with such activities, there were many people in Frankfurt who had heard reports of the persecution of Falu Gong from the German Media. Still, they are astonished to see the pictures showing how practitioners have been badly tortured; like the pictures of bloody bodies, the picture of an eight-month old baby prior to his death. Without hesitating, people signed the petition to support the efforts to launch a lawsuit againstJiang and to call for the rescue of Xiong Wei.

Despite the cold weather, many people stayed at the Falun Gong stall for a quite some time and talked with practitioners to learn the facts. One young boy sincerely thanked the practitioners for demonstrating the beautiful exercises.

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