Canada: Driving Right Into the York University Shopping Centre to Clarify the Truth

As part of the cross-Canada Car Tour, we arrived at York University this week. Here we experienced a special activity: the manager invited us to drive our van into the university shopping centre to clarify the truth.

We held a picture show in the York University Shopping Centre. The local practitioners clarified the truth to the manager of the shopping centre and told him that the van was already on campus. Upon hearing so, the manager suggested us to drive the van into shopping centre.

So we parked the van at the centre and set up banners high around the wall. There were many Chinese students in the shopping centre and most of them accepted the truth-clarifying materials. The president of Amnesty International also gave a speech about the human rights issue in China. Other representatives from the university expressed their support too.

A reporter from the university newspaper interviewed three practitioners and she stayed until our activity completed. It looked like that her heart was deeply touched. Later, she published a very positive article on the newspaper. From the article she wrote, we can see that she had understood the Dafa, knew the persecution and learned the information we wanted to pass during this car tour.

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