Germany: Telling the Facts to the People of Soltau

On November the 11th, several Dafa practitioners held an information day in their home city of Soltau in northern Germany. The practitioners hoped to let more people in Soltau understand what is really happening to Falun Gong in China, as well as the details of the lawsuit against Jiang in Germany. In the past, a series of activities have been held in some cities in northern Germany. Practitioners' application for permission to hold this information day was approved by the authorities without hesitation.

More practitioners attended than was expected and they demonstrated the beautiful Falun Gong exercises for passers-by. Even though it was late, a local newspaper office published details of the activities. Furthermore, practitioners had a chance to talk with the Mayor of the town and tell her about the brutal persecution in China. On the day of the activities, she happened to come by and have a chat with the practitioners. She took more information home to read carefully.

Practitioners realised that a pure heart is very important while clarifying the facts. When practitioners have a pure wish and really want to tell people the facts, many things that are usually difficult can become very easy.

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