United States: Yeong-Ching Foo Appeals For Fiancé Charles Li's Freedom and Exposes Cruel Brainwashing Against Him

Recently, Yeong-Ching Foo spoke at the San Diego City Council in California to present the recent situation of her fiancé, American citizen Charles Li and to expose the Jiang regime's persecution of Charles Li by forced brainwashing. The same day, Ms. Foo participated in a rally downtown held by new governor of California and made the facts about Falun Gong known to four thousand people. She called upon people from all walks of life to help secure Charles Li's early return to America and to stop the persecution in China.

Yeong-Ching Foo spoke at the council meeting of the City of San Diego

Dr. Charles Li travelled to China to visit family members on January 22 this year, and was immediately arrested after he walked off the plane on the charge of "preparing to sabotage television and radio equipment." He was then sentenced to three years in prison on March 21.

In order to rescue Charles Li and call for the end of the persecution of Falun Gong in China, Ms. Foo has been travelling around the U.S. in the past year. On the morning of December 2, Ms. Foo arrived in San Diego and made a speech at the city council meeting. She pointed out that in order to force Charles Li to give up his belief, Jiang's regime employed one supervisor, one police officer, and six prisoners to monitor Charles Li's every move daily. He was monitored even when he used the restroom. They forced Charles Li to read Dafa-slandering materials. If Charles Li reasoned with them, he would be beaten. Prisoners said to him, "Even if the American Consulate knows that we beat you, what can they do to us?" If any prisoner showed a bit sympathy for Charles Li, the guards would replace them. The public security department used psychological warfare for dealing with spies to try to transform Charles Li. A person named Shao Gong spent three hours a day talking to Charles Li, using various tactics to try to wear him down mentally.

Ms. Foo pointed out that Charles Li's plight is only one example of the persecution of many more Falun Gong practitioners.

Charles Li is being deprived of all freedom, including freedom of belief. The Nanjing City Prison even demanded American Consulate officials who visited Charles Li to work with them to get Charles Li to give up Falun Gong. This absurd request was immediately rejected.

Ms. Foo said that since the persecution of Falun Gong began, two American citizens from San Diego have been detained and suffered persecution in China. She called upon the city council to stand up against the persecution, because it concerns everyone, not just those in China. Every kind-hearted person's voice of justice can help stop the persecution.

After the meeting, some people came up to Ms. Foo to express their support and asked for the address of the American Consulate in China to appeal to them. Some officials showed sympathy and left their business cards, hoping to talk with Ms. Foo in detail. Several local media reported on and broadcasted parts of Ms. Foo's speech.

Ms. Foo also participated in a rally downtown held by the new governor of California. At the rally, she held up a poster of Charles Li to tell people about the persecution. Practitioners who came along with her handed out flyers. They clarified the truth and exposed the Jiang regime's crimes.

Four thousand people attended the rally that day, and many of them carefully read the news about Charles Li. They were angry after learning about the cruel torture used by Jiang's regime. Many office workers who were on lunch break came out to hear the new governor's speech, so the practitioners took the opportunity to clarify the truth to them. We also met with state congressmen and gave them truth-clarification materials. Many people showed their support and wished us success. Some Americans expressed concern about how the Chinese authorities could treat an American citizen this way, and questioned doing business with China under these circumstances.

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