Finland: Successful Exhibition held in Helsinki

A Falun Dafa photo exhibition was recently held in a library in Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. The exhibition portrays the history of Falun Dafa: from Dafa’s public introduction in 1992 and Master Li’s traveling China to lecture in different cities, to Dafa becoming the most popular qigong in Chinese history and being practised in around 60 countries worldwide. The exhibition also explains how Falun Gong was banned by Jiang Zemin, and how he launched a cruel persecution against its practitioners. The huge contrast between the evilness of the persecution and the beauty and peacefulness of Falun Gong can be seen very clearly.

The kind library staff wanted to put an announcement in the local newspaper about the exhibition so that more people could learn the facts. They were touched by Dafa when they saw the photos and they admired the colorfulness and beauty in the photos. They also stated that they hope the exhibition is successful.

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