The Barbaric Slavery and Treatment of Dafa Practitioners at the Xinbing County Jail

In April 2003, the Xinbing County Jail in Wushun City, Liaoning Province illegally detained many Dafa practitioners. The disciplinary guards forced the detained practitioners to till the land for the jail and also forced them to manually pull the heavy plough as if they were farm animals.

Because the practitioners protested the illegal detention and the police's brutality by going on a hunger strike, the jail personnel subjected them to barbaric force-feeding. As they suffered, other policemen would wickedly encircle the practitioners and laugh at their misery. Upon returning to the cell after being force-fed, Mr. Jin Zhe threw up a lot of blood. Seeing this, the non-practitioner prisoners were disgusted and condemned the depraved acts of the police.

People involved in persecuting Dafa practitioners:

Xinbing County Political and Judicial Commission Secretary General, Song Junlin: 86-413-503-1879 (home)
Xinbing County Public Security Bureau Director, Wang Yunfei: 86-413-503-4567 (home)
Xinbing County Public Security Bureau Deputy Director, Li Guosheng: 86-413-503-2715 (home)
Xinbing County Public Security Bureau National Protection Department, Jin Fengguang: 86-413-503-3750
Jail Director: Zhao Yazhong: 86-413-503-3750 (home)
Xinbing Town Police Station Head, Meng Fanyu: 86-413-502-0989 (home)
Yongling Town Police Station Head, Guo Huawei: 86-413-503-2955 (home)

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