Russia: Appealing at the Chinese Embassy for an End to the Persecution of Falun Gong and to Support the Global Lawsuit Against Jiang Zemin

On the 16th of November 2003, Russian Falun Dafa practitioners gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy in Moscow to voice their support for the global lawsuit against Jiang Zemin, to protest against the brutal persecution that the Jiang regime has inflicted upon Falun Gong, to restrain the Chinese Embassy and Consulates in Russia from spreading slanderous rumours about Falun Dafa, and to express their support for the 100 practitioners who are currently on hunger strike in Jilin City Prison. They demanded that all imprisoned practitioners in China, including those in Jilin City Prison, are released immediately.

Russian Dafa practitioners would like to support the victims who have suffered or are suffering from Jiang’s persecution and ask for support from people for the lawsuit against Jiang Zemin and the head of the “610 Office” Luo Gan for crimes of genocide and torture.

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