UK: Several Stories from Activities in the City of Newcastle

On November the 15th and 16th, Dafa practitioners from Scotland and England held a weekend activity to spread Falun Gong and clarify the facts of the persecution in Middlesborough and Newcastle. During the activity, as well as letting more people know the truth about Falun Gong, practitioners made good use of the opportunity to study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts together, as well as exchange experiences with one another. Through this activity, practitioners deeply felt Dafa’s magnificence and the importance of holistic improvement together with the urgency of clarifying the facts to people.

On the Sunday, practitioners demonstrated the exercises, collected petition signatures and distributed materials that clarified the facts about the persecution of Dafa. For about five hours, Dafa’s beautiful music and practitioner’s peaceful and tranquil performances attracted many passersby. After taking flyers, many people stopped to ask further questions about Falun Gong and to sign their names on an appeal to rescue practitioners’ relatives in China. The following are some of the touching stories that took place during the activities:

1. A kind-hearted elderly English man

An elderly English man came to our desk. As soon as he saw the materials about the persecution of Dafa practitioners in China, he started crying. While reading the materials, he incessantly murmured: “the Chinese government should not have done this. That’s not right….” After a while, he left in tears.

2. An enlightened Chinese girl

One Chinese girl was waiting for someone in front of a monument near the practitioners' demonstration. She was reluctant to accept the truth-clarification materials initially, but after some time she was seen quietly reading an English Dafa flyer. A practitioner took the initiative to approach her and strike up a conversation with her, about practitioners’ experiences in cultivation. As she continued to talk, the girl’s defensive attitude disappeared and she started to ask the practitioner questions about Falun Gong.

3. Fortunate people who do not want to miss opportunities

After reading the truth-clarification materials for some time, one middle-aged Chinese man said to a practitioner: “I am in a rush to do something, but I’ll be back again.” An hour later, he came back pushing a baby carriage with his wife. The husband took the truth-clarification materials happily, while the wife greeted a practitioner. The wife had already met this practitioner at a Chinese mid-autumn festival gathering and had received some truth-clarification materials then.

Seeing a Chinese youngster standing nearby watching the exercise demonstration, a practitioner approached him and greeted him. This youngster warmly introduced himself saying that he had just arrived from Singapore and had met Dafa practitioners there, so he understood that Falun Dafa is good and the Chinese regime’s crackdown on Falun Gong is wrong.

4. People who understand the facts of Falun Gong

The Chinese people who stopped to learn the facts about Falun Gong were shocked after they saw the photos of practitioners from mainland China who have suffered persecution. Some said that they had never seen anything like it and could hardly believe that Falun Gong practitioners have been undergoing such brutal persecution. Before the activities concluded, all practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts together. During this time, a group of people were watching attentively. They later came over to ask questions about Dafa, others asked for flyers and still others wanted to sign their names on the petition to rescue practitioners' family members.

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