United States: Encounters During the 2003 Indiana International Festival

From November 6 to 9, Falun Gong practitioners in Indiana participated in the Indiana International Festival in Indianapolis for the third consecutive year.

Several hundred exhibition booths attracted large crowds. With its fresh and auspicious decoration, the Falun Gong booth attracted people of all ages to ask for information. The staff of the hosting agency also came to our booth to express their appreciation for our participation. Following are some stories that happened during the festival.

  1. Curious Students
  2. During the festival, groups of junior high and high school students gathered in front of our booth. They were organised by their school to visit the festival. Pointing at the video show, they asked what the exercises were about. Practitioners introduced the exercises to them, and they learnt them earnestly.

  3. People learn the truth of Dafa
  4. Many people who knew the truth of Falun Gong directly inquired about the persecution in China. After practitioners told the story of Charles Li, many people signed the petition to rescue Charles Li. A couple from India said, "We know Falun Gong is being persecuted in China. They (Chinese government) are wrong. You are right. We support you." Practitioners thanked them for their support and sense of justice.

  5. People eager to obtain the Fa

People from other booths came to chat with us when they could find time. A lady from a neighbouring booth said after talking with practitioners that she had noticed our booth for quite a while and always wanted to find time to talk with us. She said she had lost the meaning of life. Every day she rushed to work and then came home to take care of family and could not find the meaning of the life. After talking with practitioners, she learnt that Falun Gong could not only improve health but also provide spiritual benefits. She was very happy. Practitioners gave her practise site information. Later, her colleagues also came to get Falun Gong material and asked practitioners' about their experiences of practising Falun Gong.

A young woman from Malysia asked many questions about cultivation and practise and expressed her desire to come to a practise site. She had come here on a business trip. When she saw that Dafa was so wonderful, she wanted to learn at once. She was worried that she would not find a practise site in her hometown, so wanted to learn on the spot.

A young black gentleman passed our booth several times. He told a practitioner that he'd learnt a little bit about Falun Gong in New York. Then he moved to Indiana to work and had been trying to find a practise site but could not, because he had to work on Saturday, which was in conflict with our local practise site time. This time he just wanted to quickly browse over the exhibition. He said as soon as he stepped into the exhibition hall, he felt the strong energy field. When he saw our booth, he understood the reason. It was Falun Gong he had been looking for. He was so happy.

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